For fear of being unaccepted…

The moment that you realize that there is not one single person on this Earth that knows EVERYTHING about you. And that you are unwilling to allow yourself to open up more because…why? 

Because you realize that you walk in fear of someone throwing your decisions back in your face…you remember what it was like for someone to judge you, to see the change in their eyes as they see you in a completely different light. You keep it all locked away so they will never know how afraid you are. And you don’t even understand that the fear of being unaccepted paralyzes you…traps you inside yourself…behind the facade of who you think they want you to be.

I have a writer’s heart.

I wake up with words playing over and over in my mind and my spirit.

Sometimes the feelings and words just pile up until some of them spill over and there isn’t much else you can do with them but put them on paper.

A part of loving yourself is learning to accept every decision you’ve made in life.

To love every step you’ve taken.

To understand what has made you grow into who you are.

And to use that information to  become a better version of yourself.

Until that day…there are notebooks full of unspoken words that the world will never see…

…For fear of being unaccepted…


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