Ok, stop now and we will pretend like this never happened…

So this blog post is inspired by things that make me uncomfortable. lol.

I feel like people will have to relate to at least SOME of these…

The first completely uncomfortable thing…people that drive right next to you for several miles because they’re trying to get you to look over at them…and then they do something awkward like blow a kiss or do the head nod like “what’s up?”


I always wonder what they expect to happen at this point…? Do you think I’m going to pull over and give you all my contact information? Like honestly…WHAT?

So the other day I had to get something from Walmart and it was kind of late at night. Afterward, as I was putting my groceries in the car, this man was walking in the parking lot past my car…HAVING AN ENTIRE CONVERSATION WITH HIMSELF…angrily! At first I thought that maybe he was angry about something that happened in the store and was just kind of venting to himself. But when he ANSWERED himself (as if it was two different people talking to each other) yea…no. Totally changed the situation. I just kept putting my groceries away and pretended like I wasn’t there, then got in my car and rushed away! Lol crazy man.

When men that are old enough to be my father or my GRANDFATHER stare or make really forward comments in my direction…that is sooo uncomfortable! I always get stuck in the “should I be respectful of my elders?” or “should I let this man know he is disgusting and way too old to be talking to or LOOKING at me like that?” It’s especially awkward when they just stare at you and you look over at them, they SEE YOU see them staring, and they DON’T LOOK AWAY

At this point, I’m wondering if you’re staring at me because you just asked someone to slip something in my drink and you’re just waiting for me to pass out or what..? For all you grown men who put these rapist vibes out into the world every day…You’re creepy…Stop it.

Another thing…stop letting your little boys touch people! It is inappropriate! Teach them boundaries and when you SEE them touching people, correct them! One time several years ago, I was with a friend over at her cousin’s house. Her cousin had a young son, maybe 2 or 3 years old, who was literally ALL OVER ME. At first I thought he was just friendly (you know some kids just get really excited when new people come around). At one point, he touched my hair and then he wanted to sit on my lap. Okay cool…then he definitely was trying to cop a feel and I was like WHOA, slow down there, pal! No thank you…

All the while, his mother just sat there and had the audacity to LAUGH about this. Umm no…I was like well I don’t even know this girl so how do I tell her to parent her child, but REALLY? Needless to say, I got out of there asap.

This also goes for the people who are posting videos of kids twerking or little girls dancing up on little boys. That is DISGUSTING and it never ceases to amaze me the things that people thing are “adorable” today.  That is NOT cute.

So have you ever had a falling out with a close friend…and then seen her out somewhere? That moment where you don’t know whether to smile and wave, say hi and talk as if nothing’s wrong, or just act like you don’t see her and keep it moving. It’s really uncomfortable because (if she was ever your best friend) your first instinct is to be overjoyed, throw your arms around her and tell her how much you missed her! But at the same time, you’re still angry with her or hurt about something she did and part of you just wants to cry. So usually you just keep walking and act like your fine.

Or maybe you two are just irritated with each other but it’s not necessarily the END of your friendship. Maybe you’re in the “really, I am just so tired of you asking for my advice and NEVER taking it…then complaining forever about the sad outcome of doing the OPPOSITE of what I told you.” phase…and then one of your mutual friends decide to have a cookout and invite both of you…so you sit on opposite sides of the room and try to interact with the same people…while not interacting with each other. AWKWARD.

Or even worse…when you see her, you decide you’d rather be the bigger person and just go talk to her. So you walk over there and open your mouth to apologize when she says…

Okay…can it get any more uncomfortable?!

You know what I really never know how to handle? When a person starts pointing out all their flaws and they’re actually TRUE…what do you say to that??? “No, honey, you’re not fat. You’re just …umm…I mean it’s just…well…” *throws hands up*

No wait…what’s worse is when a girl goes on and on about how amazing her man is…when you know he’s running around behind her back…with the girl who sits two cubicles down…who is currently smiling and nodding at her in agreement. “Yes he is sooo wonderful! You’re such a lucky girl!”

When really on the inside she’s like…

Ugh…I can’t STAND that girl!

On a more serious note…open RACISM makes me uncomfortable…not that any racism is acceptable, but when a person is BLATANTLY racist and feels no remorse about showing it…that really takes me out of my comfort zone. I’m not going to go into MAJOR detail about that because this blog is NOT asking for more drama in the world. But just a short example…a few years ago a girl I worked with told me that her mother GAGS when she sees interracial couples walking together down the street. Umm…what? Another co-worker of ours overheard and told me that she is disgusted with interracial couples as well. I just kind of narrowed my eyes and looked at her like Excuse me?

She told me that she feels that you are born a certain color to date a certain color…Umm yea…let me just reiterate that so you can catch the seriousness….she feels that YOU ARE BORN A CERTAIN COLOR TO DATE A CERTAIN COLOR. People of different colors should not mix. I battled on whether to even respond (since I was in my workplace) but I landed on this response, “In case you don’t realize it, I am the product of an interracial couple, as is my CHILD. My parents were not two different SPECIES, they just happened to be white and brown. I don’t understand how you can be DISGUSTED with interracial couples. It’s not like it’s a person and a dog or something…they are simply two people who fell in love.” She said, “Well that’s just how I was raised so it’s how I feel.” I said, “well just so you know, you have parents and then you have yourself…parents can tell you things and you take them into consideration and THEN when you grow up and learn about the world around you, you can make your OWN decisions. That is how CHANGE happens.” After which, I walked away so that I could drop the issue. SMH.

Okay one last one…when you’re with a group of friends in the middle of a debate, and your best friend says something that you completely do NOT agree with. But to admit that would mean that you’re siding with your other friends (who have taken the opposing view of you and your best friend). How do you say that you do NOT agree with what she just said, without sounding like you disagree with EVERYTHING she just said? I always hate that because I’m like “NOOOO! NO! Don’t say that! That ruins the whole argument!” or “That’s not even relevant! Come on, we’ve got to keep the upper hand in this debate!” lol It’s even worse when she looks over at you for support but you just know you disagree…and so does everyone else. I just sit there like “welp, I’m not even going to comment on that part.”

Lessons learned: It’s okay to have your own opinion.

If you’re not sure what to say, always try your hardest NOT to hurt someone’s feelings.

If strange men stare at you in a creepy way, RUN AWAY! And don’t drink anything.

Tell that girl that her son knows way too much and she better watch out before she becomes 30 year old grandma!

Do NOT trust Haley Too-Happy that sits two cubicles down… (-_-)

When you see your friend, if you still feel any remaining love for her, smile…whether you plan to stop and talk or not.

Don’t let close-minded people affect you negatively…ever.


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