That awkward moment when…

So I felt like having a good laugh today and decided to do a spin off from my bestie’s blog post 🙂 These might not necessarily be awkward moments that you’ve personally experienced but I thought I’d share them anyway.

Enjoy all these embarrassing (and somehow still funny) moments in my life 🙂

That awkward moment when your boyfriend’s mom sneaks out of her room and catches you guys with his hand up your skirt…yep…to this day it is still one of the most mortifying moments of my life. UGH…so freaking embarrassing!

Brandon: “her door squeaks really loud…we’ll hear her if she comes out.”

(see, he’s always been the bad one! 😉 )

Yea well, she’s def a super spy because she snuck up on us with a quickness!


My immediate thoughts: “Oh Lord, my life is over. I can never look her in the eye again…smh, Brandon, it was nice knowing you…”

Then he went in her room to talk to her and I could hear her talking about sex outside of marriage and Brandon was saying “Mom, we don’t have sex! We’re both virgins!” Her response: “There are different forms of sex! What was her hand doing?!”

OH MY GOODNESS…if you don’t feel completely mortified right now, then you’re lucky…because I just wanted to melt into the wall and disappear.

The worst part was that she made us sit on the couch in silence FOREVER while she sat on the other couch brooding over what to do with us. Yep…definitely awkward moments. And to this day she makes fun of me for it and thinks it’s funny to bring it up with my friends and joke on me. (-___-)

Next subject please

That awkward moment when you talk in your sleep…

So I hate Kung Fu movies right, (especially when they’re subtitled) so my husband always used to wait until I was asleep and then he would watch them. One night he was watching one while I was asleep and out of nowhere I said loudly, “NO!” as if in response to something. My husband said he leaned over me to see if I was awake but I was fast asleep and the funniest part about it: One of the characters had just asked (in CHINESE) “Do you think I care about your family???” (or something to that affect)…so to this day, my husband makes fun of me and says that apparently I can speak Chinese in my sleep. lol!

Another moment of sleep talking occurred not too long ago! Last week I was sleeping and my husband was watching a movie next to me. Apparently I felt the need to talk to him and he (being the WONDERFUL HUSBAND that he is) decided to record the conversation this time. So I’m speaking, in complete sentences (and in English lol) but the things I’m saying make absolutely no sense. From what I recall, I was upset because I wasn’t able to post “spaghetti comments” on Facebook bc they were too long and they wouldn’t give me the tools to do it.

Even more awkward, I didn’t know anything about it at all until the next day when he just started playing it and laughing his behind off! Not only was I not making any sense but he was laughing at me through the entire conversation, and at one point I repeated what I said, got mad at myself bc I realized it didn’t make any sense and then proceeded to say “That is NOT what I said.” The recording ended with me saying “just be quiet and stop recording me.” then repeatedly saying “Sssshhh. sssshhh” whenever he tried to keep talking to me, then finally just “Brandon, I said BE QUIET.”

That awkward moment when even YOU realize that you’re not making any sense.

That awkward moment when you’re under the influence and sing a few notes of a song, then a couple minutes later, your friend sings those few notes CORRECTLY and you realize how horribly you just sang them. My response: “Whoa I was way off…” And she laughed hysterically. I don’t think that either of us realized how off I was until she sang it correctly and the fact that I was the one to point out my mistake was the hilarious part. If only I had it on tape to share with you all…

That awkward moment (for him) when you turn down a guy before he even tries and he never lives it down.

So a few years ago, my best friend’s good friend liked me (did you follow that? a guy friend of my girl friend…anyway). He used to always hang out with us though because he was her really good friend. One night we were all hanging out at my house, had a few drinks, and he needed a ride home. My best friend had had a few too many to drive and I was the only one who had a car there. *sigh* why do people put me in these predicaments??? My friend stayed home with my son while I gave him a ride home.

So a few minutes of awkward conversation later, we made it to his house.

*Pulls up to the house*

Me: “Ok bye! See you later!”

Him: “Can I get a hug or something?”

Me: “You’re not going to try to kiss me are you?”

My immediate feeling was “OMG what did I just say??”

And from what I remember, I think maybe he tried to laugh it off…but he probably felt more like

And my best friend has made fun of him ever since!


The moments I feel like a horrible person.

Okay so those were a few of my embarrassing moments!

Maybe I’ll post another blog like this from time to time just for a good laugh. haha

Lessons learned: Don’t try to sneak around…you WILL get caught.

Don’t drink and try to SING…

…or talk to a guy that likes you.

Also just don’t let your husband have a phone…or any other type of recording device. (-_-) lol


2 thoughts on “That awkward moment when…

  1. “HAHAHA F YOU…” Is my favorite part. Literally just laughed really loud.


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