Looking Back (Part 2)

The next relationship…oh Lord…where to even begin… Ok, let’s start at the first day of school. You know how everyone comes into school on the first day with their brand new clothes trying to look really cute and get everyone’s attention (or in some cases for just ONE person that you’d thought about all summer).

Well our school was no different. So here I am looking all cute…haha just kidding…I honestly have no idea what I was wearing on the first day of school that year. I was talking to my friends (yes, I did have FRIENDS regardless of my nerdy past lol) and everyone was pointing people out and introducing people left and right. I met a few guys but they were sophomores so it was kind of a hi and bye type thing. Oh wait…rewind….let’s start here – last year was sophomore year and I had been in advanced classes since FOREVER. So looking over my credits, I realized that I only needed 2 courses to skip a grade. That summer I took the two classes I needed so I came back to school a Senior, at the ripe old age of 15. I want to say that  I came back just READY to show out and be ME…but I don’t remember things that way. I was definitely a lot more outspoken but only with people I knew. No more big sister to hang out with between classes, she had graduated last year. So I just had to do my own thing.

This year one thing was really awesome! I got to be in Mrs. Williams’ drama class. Everyone wanted to be in that class so it was really hard for anyone other than Seniors to get in. There was one thing that was excitingly scary that I had to look forward to…the dance show. Every year the drama teacher had a dance show that was performed in front of the whole school a few different times and also after school for the friends and family that did not go to school there. The exciting part – everyone LOVED the dance shows every year, any student that was in drama was required to be in at least 2 dances and there was always a good mix of new music and old school. The scary part – I CAN’T DANCE. (Did I mention that these dance shows were always recorded so that EVERYONE could forever remember these moments? …FOREVER AND EVER) *face palm*

Needless to say, I was looking forward to (AND DREADING) the dance show.

Whatever, drama class was great all year. She was one of those teachers that the students loved and related to, she was young and pretty and just fun to be around so I’m glad I chose to be in the class anyway.

Back to the story…the dance show was getting closer so we were always practicing. Super embarrassing for a non-dancer…I always wanted to stay in the back (but we were all rotated throughout the performance so that everyone was in the front at some point) and I was so terrified I would forget the moves. Whatever… There were a couple of times that ALL the drama classes had to practice the entire dance show together so, while we were waiting on others to be done with their dances, the other groups were in the gym across the hall. It was nice to just kick back and get out of class for a little while…and hey, wait, who was that? Didn’t I meet that boy on the first day of school? He was actually kinda ok looking…or really hot…whatever…But wait…he wasn’t a senior. How did HE get into drama? Must have been some sort of popular guy magic. Ok so…there he was. Alright, let me just play this off like I’m not trying to be cute. Buuuuut I still hope he notices me.

Well…it happened, for some reason, he noticed me! It must have been because I was so alarmingly good-looking! haha yea..sure. But really, who knows? I must say I was pretty ok that year…def a step up from my former self! I was still pretty shy and didn’t wear ANY makeup…but my clothes were cute, my body was on point (from years of playing soccer) and my hair was long and smooth and curly (bc I had never colored it and refused to cut it again after looking back at the middle school photos! Yikes!) Honestly, I’m not sure what made him try to talk to me back then…maybe it was bc I was a senior…or maybe because I could drive…but in all actuality it was probably because he hadn’t seen me dance yet 😉


Anyway, we were all practicing our different dances, right…so from across the room (where I was NOT watching his every move) I saw him get up and join his group to go across the hall and practice their dance. I decided to sneak over there this time and watch. AND WHEN I SAW HIM DANCE…whew Lord…it was over. And he knew it.

From then on we started passing notes, every day…in every class period. I don’t know how we learned anything that year with all the time we spent writing notes to each other. But I know that I looked forward to every single one. One day, just like any other day, I got a note with all his thoughts and events of the day but at the end he said, “You said everyone keeps asking you if we’re going out? They keep asking me too…so now if they ask you, you can just say yes.” Oh really? Real slick…there was no “Do you want to be my girlfriend?” sweetness here. Nope…straight to the point. But it didn’t matter…I was still over the moon!

A couple of days later, I took a test in drama class. After I was done, I went to the front to put it on the teacher’s desk and wait until everyone else was done. When I placed it on her desk she looked up, leaned in close, and asked me was it true that I was dating this guy. I just laughed and said yes and she said “Oh my goodness that is so cute!”

So began the relationship that everyone around us fell in love with too, the relationship that would shape and mold my life over the next four years. This boy became my first real love, the man I gave my virginity to (which is another story to come later), the man who showed me how amazing LOVE can really be…and also how the loss of it can completely take EVERYTHING from you…

Lesson Learned: Never lose hope for the best… but always expect the worst. That way you can never be disappointed.

Check back for the next relationship …and also WAY more to come on this relationship! See you later!


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